Join a leading group of midwives who provide care, support and advice to women, their partners and family members before, during and also after childbirth. If you are passionate about helping women make their own decisions about the care and service they have access to then sign up for midwife jobs with us.

What you get in return for your service:

  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Regular weekly payment
  • Flexible working hours
  • A wide choice of temporary and long term midwife jobs UK
  • Dedicated professional support when and where you need it
  • Registration with other agencies in the A24 Group

They care for new-born children and provide health education and parenting support for the first 28 days of life - after this, care transfers to a health visitor. Midwives are responsible for the health of both mother and child and only refer to obstetricians should there be medical complications. They work in multidisciplinary teams within both hospital and, increasingly, community healthcare settings.