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Ambition 24hours, a member of the A24 Group has introduced a web portal, A24Connect , to enable Agency Nurses and other qualified medical staff to manage their availability and eligibility for work with the agency, for positions with UK hospitals, GP surgeries and other healthcare providers nationwide. The registration process requires satisfactory completion of a face-to-face interview and full CRB and other credentials and reference checks by Ambition 24hours. New candidates can start the registration process by simply clicking here.
"Connect is unique to Ambition 24hours: it gives candidates more control of their work-life balance. At any time they can log into Connect with a unique password and let us know their availability for work, check any outstanding matters relating to their work status, make a relevant purchase such as for a training course, or ask a question about working with us," says Penny Streeter, managing director of Ambition 24hours.

Connect provides candidates with an on-line work diary they can manage so that Ambition 24hours staff can instantly locate relevant medical staff who are available when the agency is contacted by healthcare service providers who need temporary staff at short notice – often with as little as an hour’s notice.

Candidates can log into Connect and privately view shift requirements, CRB and additional compliance needs, update their contact and other record details, and also leave comments and feedback about assignments. Features include ‘reminders’ that candidates can set to remind them to update their diary of availability each week.

Connect enables Ambition 24hours to find out more about each candidate, according to Penny Streeter, to enable an exact match of jobs with each person’s work needs and preferences. This includes the type and duration of positions candidates require; where the want to work; and their availability, qualifications and experience. The agency monitors each candidate’s records to ensure that they satisfy the regulatory requirements that Ambition 24hours is required to meet when placing staff with UK healthcare service providers.
"Because candidates input relevant data directly into Connect, this means we have the information we need at our fingerprints to find them work as quickly as possible: relevant work that meets their express needs and availability. It also supports the process by which we can match the needs of healthcare providers for staff, quickly and safely. Connect will instantly flag up if a candidate’s compliance becomes out of date in an area where Ambition 24hours has responsibility for checking this data."

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